Innovation in tooling is a Proper trademark. Over the years, we have developed advance tooling solutions that have set new standards for the plastics industry.Proper was first to market with the “Rising Blade” technology for Multi-Material molding applications. Developed 20 years ago, Proper is on its sixth generation of development for this technology. Rising Blade technology has enabled our customers to more efficiently and effectively mold Multi-Material components within a single tool, improving cycle times and performance.

Today, Proper is at the forefront of numerous other tooling technologies including Stack, Spin Stack, Back Injected textile molds, in addition to Reaction Injection Molding (RIM).

Most recently, Proper has partnered with Krauss Maffei to develop KM’s Skin Form technology for the North American market. Skin Form is a one-shot process for producing complex composite parts that combine thermoplastic and polyurethane.