“We appreciate your help very much! From my side I don’t think anything could have went better !!! You should be extremely proud of your team.”

“I would like to thank the entire team at Proper for your support in last week’s samples. I feel that this was a huge accomplishment to get parts off all of the tools last week. I also want everyone at Proper to know that I understand the long hours and dedication that was involved in making this happen, and that I really appreciate it.”

“I want to thank you and all your team members for the excellent job everyone has done on this Inteva program. With emphasis on the IP, from day 1 this tool has been under the watchful eye of GM. Sending in their tooling expert along with their global tool analyist to show us how we can improve on timing only to go back to their upper management and tell them there is nothing more that can be done.”

GM was here at start up of the tool and did comment on how we pulled this first shot date off and the quality of the part. “I want to thank you on the excellent job” were his exact words.” “I was asked about Proper by a company since they know of our involvement in the mold industry. Easy enough for me I could openly tell them my honest opinion (that Proper is probably one of the two best mold shops I have known, worldwide)