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As a leading supplier of highly engineered, multi-material and single-material plastic injection molds, we ensure our customers’ needs are understood and implemented into every project. We partner our customers with a dedicated team that works diligently to exceed expectations and reduce cycle times and costs.
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Our wide range of services includes product development, production feasibility, pre-production and production molds, secondary equipment, as well as production processes, validation, and optimization.

Innovative Technologies

Over the years, we’ve developed new tooling solutions that have set new standards for the plastics industry. We were the first to market with the “Blade” technology, enabling our customers to more efficiently and effectively mold Multi-Material components within a single tool.

Most recently, we’ve partnered with Krauss-Maffei to develop KM’s Paint Form technology for the North American market. This is a one-shot process for producing complex composite parts that combine thermoplastic and polyurethane.

The Process

After the design and feasibility phase, we immediately begin the next steps of the process. We use what we learn to determine the most effective tooling solutions to create the molds, tools, or fixtures. We then begin tooling. Once finished, each one moves onto our Try-Out Area to undergo rigorous tests that ensure everything is up to standard. Doing this at our facilities can save up to three weeks at your location, reducing overall time and money spent.

Tooling Types

  • Plastic Injection Molds
  • Bulk Molding Compound (BMC) Tooling
  • Structural Molds, Blow Molds, Compression Molds
  • Prototype Tooling – Traditional and Pull-ahead Production

Process Technologies

  • Specialty Tool Manufacturing
    • Multicolor (2K and 3K)
    • Lighting Molds (Light Pipes, Lenses and All Related Components)
    • Stack and Transfer Molds
    • Glass Encapsulation
    • In-Mold Decoration (Textile)
    • Advanced Technologies (RocTool, Colorform, Mucell)
  • Interior Trim Molds
  • Exterior Trim Molds

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